Nominate your favorite small-town-USA to be featured in my novel

Nominate your favorite small-town-USA to be featured in my novel

Is there a small-town-USA that holds a special place in your heart? Wouldn’t it be fun to see it featured in a best selling novel? Here’s your chance.

The main character in my novel-in-progress (working title Thanksgivings) takes a year-long road trip across America to track down old friends. The identities of these cities are up for grabs.

Rather than feature well-known cities, I’d like to put the focus on small or smallish towns. I will feature 8-12 cities scattered between the coasts. There is no other criteria since the plot has nothing to do with the characteristics of the towns.

So send in your nominations! If you want to tell me personal stories about the town, that would be great. Otherwise, I can get the background I need via a web search.

Send your entries by commenting on this post or e-mail them directly to me:

Alice(at) (Writing my e-mail address in this way evades web spiders.)

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