Summer Scramble 2024

Summer Scramble logo: script with footprints underneath: "Summer Scramble: West Seattle Treasure Hunt."

Coming Aug. 1st-4th! The second annual West Seattle Summer Scramble Treasure Hunt!

A FREE community event sponsored by Alice Kuder, Preparedness Coach with Just in Case, LLC, and supported by local businesses, running Aug. 1-4 (four days to play)!

Solve 25 clues to be entered to win one of THREE TREASURE CHESTS filled with goodies from local businesses.

The treasure map with clues will be posted at 12:01AM on July 31st.
Why participate? TO HAVE FUN!

Register your team (or just yourself) today!

    How to Play Summer Scramble

    Welcome, Treasure Hunters!

    Summer Scramble is orchestrated by Alice Kuder, founder of Just in Case

    Also sponsored by Reema Rafii, REALTOR®, eXp Realty

    It is FREE and open to everyone, regardless of age or geography, because Alice loves scavenger hunts!

    Summer Scramble starts at 12:01 AM, Thurs., Aug. 1st and concludes at 7 PM, Sun., Aug. 4th, 2024.

    Play just for fun, or compete for prizes. Here’s how to play.

    1. Register/your team and download these instructions from my website:
    1. I will post a treasure map and a bingo-style clue sheet at midnight on July 31st. You can download them for free, and start playing anytime after that.
    1. Scour West Seattle to find the businesses and public sites that solve the clues!
    1. Send Selfies: When you believe you have solved a clue, take a selfie in front of the location, and send it to me using the following link. The photo must clearly show the name of the business or identifiable feature of the site. Not all team members need to be in every selfie. Please include your team name with the file. Note: ONLY selfies submitted via Guestpix will qualify for the treasure chest drawing. Selfies will not be accepted by email or text. By submitting selfies to Summer Scramble via, you agree to allow public use for promotional purposes by Alice Kuder and the businesses featured in the photos.

    Details and Tips:

    Locations: There are 25 clue locations spread across West Seattle. I chose the non-business locations primarily for their historical significance to West Seattle, though some locations cover both bases. One location is neither a business, nor historical. I chose to include it just because I think it’s so cool!

    Solutions: Each business location will display a 18” x 24” yard sign in their window or other spot that is visible from the street, to confirm you have indeed solved the clue. (You will not need to enter any buildings.) Signs at the public sites may be a bit more challenging to find: possibly smaller and not in a front window, but still somewhere visible outside. If you think you have found the right location, but can’t find a Summer Scramble sign to confirm, send me a text or email and ask. Sometimes the signs get removed by pirates.

    Prizes:  Each team to solve at least 15 of the 25 clues will be entered to win the contents of one of three treasure chests filled with booty from local businesses. Each verified solution (evidenced by a selfie) earns one ticket in the drawing. The drawing will be held on August 6th.

    ALICE KUDER, Preparedness Coach with Just in Case, Disaster Preparedness Services is the proud creator, designer and orchestrator of both annual events, Summer Scramble Treasure Hunt and Winter Wander Scavenger Hunt. She presents them as a free gift to the West Seattle community, which she has called home since 1999.  She can be reached at (206) 708-9800 and

    You can download these instructions here.

    Here is the QR code for uploading selfies once the hunt begins. Alternatively, you can use the url

    Three treasure chests
    Summer Scramble prizes
    Photo of Capt. Alice guarding treasure chests
    Capt. Alice guards the prize treasure chests