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How to Kill a Watt in 10 Seconds or Less

How to Kill a Watt in 10 Seconds or Less

Hey, Seattle City Light customers. Most of us would like to reduce our electric bill. We can’t do anything about the rate we are charged, but we can control our usage and efficiency.

If you are already a power switch watchdog, you may want to go a step further and investigate how much power each of your appliances and devices are using. You might be surprised to discover which ones are undetected energy hogs.

An easy way to root them out is to borrow a Kill a Watt poweimage of kill a watt meterr monitor from the Seattle Public Library. (Not available at all locations.)

According to the Seattle Public Library website, “The Kill a Watt power meter can tell you the actual electrical consumption of small to medium electrical devices in your home. It will also help you discover the hidden or ‘phantom’ loads that are surprisingly common when electrical devices are turned off.”

The meter is easy to use. Simply plug it into any wall outlet and then plug your device into the meter to get power usage details.