Building Wealth With Your Home

Building Wealth With Your Home

There are plenty of websites that will provide you with automated values for your home, but if you really want to leverage the equity in your home to build your personal wealth, you need more information. Knowledge is power.

Introducing Homebot. 

Homebot is a web-based tracking tool that delivers personalized, actionable insights to help you track and build wealth with your home. 

Access to Homebot is free, but it is only available through select real estate brokers and lenders. (see the links below

When you access Homebot, you get to choose how much information you want to give it to work with, e.g. the interest rate on your mortgage, or home improvements you’ve made. This kind of information greatly increases the accuracy of how your home contributes to your portfolio.

If you’d like to see how this free financial tool works, go to this website,, and type in your home address. If you like it, you can sign up to receive the free monthly tracking report.

At first, the Homebot landing page looks much like many of the other automated websites, but when you advance through the screens, you will start to see the superior power that Homebot provides.

Homebot for Sellers:

Homebot for buyers:

Questions? I’m always available to help. 206-708-9800

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