Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Now that Fall is officially here and a chill will soon be in the air, we naturally spend more time indoors and less in the fresh air. There are a few simple things we can do to improve the indoor air quality in our homes.

1) Change your air filters.

If you have an HVAC unit, you have air filters. These hardworking filters sift out impurities in the air so that they don’t wind up in your lungs. If you’re super sensitive and live with furry friends, replace your air filters every month or two. If you don’t use the heating and cooling system often, you can stretch that to twice per year. You could also purchase air purifiers for your home to keep pollutants down.

2) Dust and vacuum often.

Dust doesn’t just look bad, it’s made of pet dander, human skin cells, dirt, grime, pollen and a lot more unpleasant stuff that causes all sorts of health issues. Suck it up!

3) Inspect for Mold.

Mold spores are everywhere, but when living in your house, they can trigger pesky allergies and make you miserable. To ensure your home doesn’t have any dangerous mold growth, do a walk-through and know where to look. Mold loves humid, damp areas. This means your bathroom, washing machine, kitchen, attic and basement are prime real estate for all types of mold. If you spot a suspicious area, use an at-home mold testing kit to determine if it’s harmful. You can treat most molds with a bleach solution, proper drainage and a dehumidifier. Very few types of mold are actually harmful, but it’s best to be on the lookout to keep your home comfortable.

4) Install a Smart Thermostat.

Smart thermostats do so much for your home. Not only do they help you save money on energy, but they can also monitor your air quality.  They can even send air quality alerts to your phone.

As always, if you want to know more, contact me at 206-708-9800 and/or I’m here to help!

5 thoughts on “Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

  1. Having clean air to breathe is, and should be, a priority for every home. I absolutely believe that it is very important to regularly change the air filters, and I am glad to see that it was your first tip as well! The smart thermostat tip was also great. Thanks for sharing your advice, Alice.

  2. Yap, Kuder, At this Corona situation- you have rightly picked that Improve Your Indoor Air Quality – is crucial.
    Thanks, your this very nice article help me a lot.

  3. I needed to know when to change the air filters. Perfectly explained here 🙂 Thanks from homeair for those awesome tips.

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