Summer Scramble Treasure Hunt

Summer Scramble Treasure Hunt

It’s here! The first annual

West Seattle Summer Scramble Treasure Hunt!


A FREE community event sponsored by Alice Kuder and supported by local businesses, coming Aug. 3-6 (four days to play)!

Solve clues to win prizes (digital coupons from local businesses), AND one of three physical treasure chests.

Play with paper and pen or use your phone for an Augmented Reality version — a mash-up of geocaching and Pok√©mon Go created by West Seattle residents Laura and Robert Peckyno.

More details: Clues are now available for download to help you find the kitty pirates hiding at 20 different West Seattle locations. We’ve chosen each of the locations (and the pirates) for their unique characteristics. They are typically lesser-known gems that we think you will be delighted to discover!

At least 18 of these 20 first clues will be matched with an additional clue that will unlock a digital coupon for pirate booty at a local business. Record your successes on this website. If you/your team correctly solves all 40 clues, you will be entered into a drawing for one of three actual treasure chests (see photo below) filled with EVEN MORE pirate booty!

Will you help us save West Seattle and recover all the booty from the pirates?

Still have questions? Contact us at

Captain’s Notes

Welcome to the first annual West Seattle Summer Scramble Treasure Hunt!

We’re so glad you’re here! The first, and most important rule, is to HAVE FUN!!

In creating this hunt we tried to make it fun and accessible to everyone, which is why we have the AR (augmented reality) version for those who are enamored with technology, and a less flashy version for those who still prefer paper and pencil.

Either way, begin by downloading the clues and the map HERE.

As with any new adventure (especially where pirates are involved) my crew and I ran into a few snags here and there, so it will benefit you to read the following notes.

We chose 20 locations that we consider to be hidden gems of West Seattle, because we want you to discover parts of the city you didn’t know about. That means they may not be easy to find, especially with a single clue. The first clue should take you to the primary location. You will know you are correct when you find the following notice attached to a sign at the entrance.

If you choose to do your pirate hunting at night, keep in mind that the location might be closed.

A few of the locations do not have easily identifiable “entrance” signs.

Another few of the locations have multiple public entrances, and/or multiple entrance signs.

Some locations are known by more than one name, and the signage may not show the familiar name.

The second clue points to a Pirate and a near-by cache bag (a plastic zippered pouch). Most of the caches are “hidden” within 10-20 feet of the entrance sign. I.e. no long treks required. If a member of your team is mobility impaired, another team member can take a photo of them holding the contents from the cache pouch.

Each cache pouch is labeled with the name and number of the location. This is how you register your “find” and claim your prize.

Each cache pouch starts out with 3 limited edition Summer Scramble souvenir key chain tags. Please only take one per team and leave the rest for the next team.

When you go to claim your treasure (i.e. coupons) at the various local businesses, please be understanding (and kind) if an employee doesn’t know what you’re talking about… it’s really difficult for a store owner to make sure that every employee is fully informed about every promotion. Let us know if you run into a problem and we will help get it straightened out. Coupons/offers can only be redeemed during regular business hours.

Be sure to read the coupons carefully for any restrictions or expiration dates; they aren’t all the same.

Bob Peckyno is the genius behind the AR version of this event. Please call one or the other of us if you run into problems or snags while you are hunting these nasty (but cut) pirates! We want everyone to have fun, and that can’t happen if you are frustrated.

Bob is available between 10AM-6PM and I am available 10AM-10PM. His number is 206-499-4935 and mine is 206-708-9800. My email is

Lastly (although this may be updated as we get into the hunt), we would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about your experience. This has been a labor of love for both Bob and me, and “thank you’s” are an invaluable reward!

Capt. Purccy Furbottom is the official Summer Scramble mascot, chosen by a vote of members of the Facebook page West Seattle Connection. Watch this space for more details!

Three treasure chests
Summer Scramble prizes
Photo of Capt. Alice guarding treasure chests
Capt. Alice guards the prize treasure chests