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Who’s your agent?

Who’s your agent?

One of the questions I always ask visitors to my Open Houses is “Who is your agent?”

With so much information available on the internet, many buyers start shopping on their own before choosing a real estate agent, so some already have agents and some don’t. What I find interesting, and a bit baffling, is the number of people who are working with an agent whose full name they can’t even remember.

If you are really impressed by someone and by their service, don’t you usually remember their name? There are so many agents out there, don’t you want to be working with one who is really exceptional at their job? I mean, buying a house is one of the most significant financial investments you are likely to make. Don’t you want to work with someone who can maximize your efforts?

A case in point is a single woman who came into one of my Opens recently. She was already working with an agent (whose name she couldn’t recall) and we started chatting about her house-hunting experience. She had been working with her agent, who shall remain nameless because she didn’t know it), for several months, and seemed satisfied enough with the service she was receiving. Several minutes into the conversation, she asked me about Short Sales and Foreclosure properties, wondering if they might be a good option for her. I was stunned to hear that her agent hasn’t taken the time to educate her about this significant part of the market!

So what should you, as a home buyer, expect from your agent?

And here are some pointers about what to ask when interviewing an agent.

Who’s YOUR agent?