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Rid your home of autumn pests

Rid your home of autumn pests

MS CA ant


Ants may not be as creepy as spiders, but most of us don’t like them in our homes anyway.

Here is a simple, easy and inexpensive way to get rid of ants, but note this important caution. One of the ingredients is Boric Acid, which can be toxic if ingested or inhaled in large quantities, so this solution should only be used where children and pets cannot access it.* 


> 1 cup sugar

> 3 tablespoons Boric Acid or Borax laundry soap

> 3 cups warm water

Mix the sugar and boric acid; slowly add the warm water, stirring constantly to prevent lumps. Fill a milk jug cap or soda bottle lid with the mixture and add a cotton ball, which will soak it up. Leave the saturated cotton ball wherever you see ants gathering*. Do NOT kill the ants that congregate on/ around the ball. Let them ingest the liquid and return to their colony to share with their buddies. In a day or two, the entire colony should be gone.



Here’s another simple, low-cost solution to an annual problem.

Take a small dish, such as a juice glass or ramekin, and add about an inch of apple cider vinegar . Mix in a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap. Leave the dish wherever fruit flies are congregating. You will soon find the flies floating in the dish. Empty and repeat as necessary.

Another variation is to omit the soap but cover the dish with plastic wrap. Poke a hole in the plastic big enough for the flies to get in but small enough to made escape difficult.

Note: If you were hoping I would tell you how to rid yourself of HUMAN pests, sorry, I can’t help you there 😉