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Turn Clutter into Cash

Turn Clutter into Cash

It’s probably safe to say that we all have too much stuff. The more space we have, the more stuff we accumulate. It almost seems like a law of nature. But at some point, possessions can become clutter.

When your possessions start to feel more like a burden than a blessing, purging can feel quite freeing. Why not make it pay off in more ways than one?

Here are some ways to rid yourself of some of that unwanted clutter and possibly turn it into cash.

1) List your belongings for sale on Facebook Marketplace, or

2) Post “for sale” flyers bulletin boards at colleges, coffee shops or other retail stores and community centers.

3) Take the more valuable items to a pawn shop.

4) Set up a booth at a flea market.

5) Take items to a consignment shop.

6) Hold a yard sale either on your own or in conjunction with your neighbors.

7) Give items away on Facebook pages such as West Seattle Giving Tree and Buy Nothing.

May you discover the joy of purging!