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Schizophrenic about living alone

Schizophrenic about living alone

There are times when I am grateful to live alone and times when I am not. At the moment, I am feeling a bit schizophrenic because I am experiencing both emotions at the same time.

On the one hand, for the past week I’ve been sick with some sort of upper-respiratory infection which has me barking like a seal, so I’m grateful I live alone because there is no one else to infect or keep awake at night by my coughing. I can sneeze, wheeze, cough and hack all I need to without feeling guilty about disturbing anyone.

Cassie & me

On the other hand, my precious pet, Cassie, passed away quite suddenly on Tuesday, so my home seems uncommonly empty and devoid of life. Not such a great time to live alone.

Bridging the gap are many generous, caring and considerate friends who allow me to call on them when I am in need. Their condolences, phone calls and company have been a great comfort. That’s another good thing about being single; it forces you to ask for and accept help from a wide base of friends, rather than hoping that one person will provide everything you need.

I will share more of my perspective on living alone in future posts. I’d love to hear yours as well. If you are single and living alone, how do you feel about it?