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Is this real estate market good for you?

Is this real estate market good for you?

How’s the market?

That is the most common question a Realtor® hears, and it’s my favorite! One reason I like that question is because it gives me an opportunity to challenge some of what the questioner might have gleaned from the media. Many are surprised to hear that the state of the real estate market is never as clear-cut as reporters would have you believe. (Let’s face it, a reporter’s job is to give you a nut-shell analysis; they seldom have the luxury of enough time/space to give you a detailed picture of anything.)

I believe the best answer to “how’s the market” is always, “it depends.” It depends on whether you are buying or selling. It depends upon which city and neighborhood you mean. It depends upon personal factors such as your credit rating, your job security and your goals. In other words, the real estate market varies from place to place and person to person. What’s good for one person at one particular time may be bad for someone else.

Although this is still considered to be a buyer’s market, available inventory in Seattle/King County is down approximately 25% from the same time last year so sellers with quality, well-priced homes are well positioned to get top-dollar and multiple offers.

Right now, our local market (Seattle/West Seattle) is excellent for first-time buyers and investors! Interest rates are at all time lows and home prices have at least stabilized, if not bottomed out. There are lots of deals to be had if you have are financially prepared to make a purchase.

Thinking of buying? If you have the time and inclination to scour the web yourself to find these deals, good for you! If you don’t, find a good Realtor® and have her watch the market for you. Tell her what you are looking for and have her alert you when something new pops up.

I provide this service several different ways. As a potential buyer, you can go to my Prudential Northwest Realty website,, and sign up for “Property Watch” to create your own search, or I can set up an automated search for you with Prudential’s HomeFinder Pro software. The third way I watch out for you is by previewing new homes as they come on the market, keeping you and your particular needs in mind as I tour new listings. When I see one that seems like a good match, I e-mail the listing info to you immediately and directly.

So the real question is, how’s the market for you? If you’re not sure, one way to assess your situation is to consult a knowledgeable real estate professional (preferably, me!). Give me a call and let’s make an appointment for a short, no pressure, no obligation chat. 206-708-9800.

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My newest West Seattle Listing

My newest West Seattle Listing

This weekend gave me something extra to be thankful for… a new West Seattle real estate listing.

This gorgeous Northwest Contemporary-style view home has 3 bedrooms and an office (or 4 bedrooms), 2 living rooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2 gas fireplaces, a spacious kitchen, formal dining room, an exercise area, double-car garage, Master bedroom with French doors leading to the deck, a huge utility room, boat/RV parking, security system, sprinkler system, on a 6.500 sq. ft. landscaped lot. Situated in West Seattle’s Morgan Junction, the walk-score for this home is 71, with most amenities within 6 blocks of the house. Stunning views of the Sound and Mountains from the dining room, both living rooms and the Master bedroom.

The address is 6346 38th Ave SW, 98126. MLS #297970. List price is $659,000. You can view more photos at

I will be hosting an Open House on Wednesday, Nov. 30th from 11A-1P. Mark the date and time on your calendar and stop by for a look. You can find other Prudential real estate listings and Open House events on my Prudential website.

6346 38th Ave SW, West Seattle
The view from 6346 38th Av SW, West Seattle

Living Green in my car

Living Green in my car

I am not a car buff. When it comes to my car, I want it to be dependable and economical with a little bit of “cute” mixed in. My 2001 Toyota Echo fills the bill. The only thing that is likely to convince me to trade it in rather than run it into the ground is the lure of an electric car (or at least a hybrid).

Yesterday’s Seattle Times ran two blurbs on the front of the NW Autos section that apply to me. The headline of the first read, “Been a while since you bought a new car? There are big advances to anticipate.” The second read, “E-FOCUS on sale.”

It’s true. When I see or hear about the features that are now standard in new cars, I feel as if I’m in a time warp. In fact, when I bought my car new, it was devoid of many of the updated features that other cars had, so now I am even further behind.

Even so, I’m pleased that I get an average of 33 mpg, have no car payments, and have logged over 110,000 miles with no major repairs. It fulfills, in part, my commitment to living green in terms of transportation. Yes, I could probably take the bus more often, but even though my job as a Prudential real estate agent requires a lot of driving, I still put fewer than 10,000 miles/year on my car. Fortunately, I live in the Westwood Village neighborhood, which is a very walkable part of West Seattle. Even in the worst snow storms I can walk to several West Seattle restaurants, grocery stores and other retailers, plus the Post Office, Southwest Community Center and more.

I suspect that it may take another 5-10 years for the auto makers to really perfect electric cars, which should be just about the time my current car “runs out of gas” (pun intended). That, and the $40,000 price tag on the E-FOCUS, give me the incentive to wait for my first electric car.

How about you? Will your next car be a hybrid or all electric?