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A Thanksgiving story your whole family can enjoy!

A Thanksgiving story your whole family can enjoy!

Quick! Name a Thanksgiving story you re-read every year! Can’t think of one? I intend to change that.

My new novel, Since I Last Saw You, begins and ends with tales of Thanksgiving celebrations that are both traditional and whimsical. In between, you will meet Ali, Isaac, Zoe as well as their families and friends.

♥ Follow Ali and Isaac’s love story from their first meeting to their last love letters.

♥ Ride along with Ali as she undertakes a daring solo road trip across the United States, stopping in a dozen different cities and states while visiting old friends along the way.

♥ Read Ali’s journal to see how she learns to live through the biggest tragedy of her life.

♥ Discover why the name “George” has a special meaning for Ali.

♥ Join Isaac for his very first lesson at Skydive Snohomish.

♥ Tag along on visits to the Dunn Gardens, Skagit Speedway, Barrymore’s Night Club, Ostling and Brooks Goldsmiths, B & O Espresso, and many, many more fun destinations.

These are just a few of the highlights in the heartwarming and inspirational story of Since I Last Saw You.

THIS is the book you will come back to every year to get you in the Thanksgiving spirit!

You can order the e-book now for just $7.99 at Also available on, and other online book retailers. Suitable for all age levels.

Once you’ve read it, come back to this site and tell me how you liked it.

a novel by Alice Ann Kuder
A Thanksgiving story for every season.