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Wine and Wisdom permeate Savvy Seattle Women

Wine and Wisdom permeate Savvy Seattle Women

Savvy Seattle Women (SSW) is an organization I started in February of 2010 to encourage home ownership for women. The core of the group is a Board of 6 women, all working in professions related to home ownership. Our intent is to grow our businesses by serving the unique needs of women who own their own homes, or aspire to own their own homes. (It is worth noting that we do not serve exclude men. Our programs and services are available to the general public.)

During our first two years we concentrated on offering monthly workshops, referrals and online advice and complimentary services. Beginning March 21st, 2012, we are changing the style of our monthly event from a workshop format to a discussion and information format, we are calling “Wine and Wisdom”.

Rather than focusing on a single topic, we will host a Q & A session where you can get expert advice for all topics related to buying, owning and maintaining a home. SSW Board members and other home service professionals will be on hand to answer whatever questions you’d like to ask of us.

“Wine & Wisdom” gatherings happen on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. They start at 6PM and end around 7:30 at the Prudential Northwest Realty office in West Seattle’s Jefferson Square Shopping Center. 4700 42nd Ave SW, Suite 600. 

Drop in for just a few minutes or stay the whole time.

Here are examples of some of the questions you could get answered during these informal discussions:

~ What home maintenance tasks should I do on a regular basis to upkeep my home?

~ I currently rent, but I’d like to own. What steps should I take to achieve this goal?

~ What are my options for refinancing my home?

~ What are my options for financing remodeling projects?

~ What remodeling projects will net me the highest return in re-sale value?

~ What are some low-cost DIY projects I can do for my home?

~ I’m thinking of selling my home. How can I find a good real estate agent?

~ How do Community Property laws affect my rights as a home owner?

~ How can I find a good electrician? plumber? contractor? painter? etc.

We weren’t kidding when we said “Wine & Wisdom”! We serve complimentary wine and refreshments at the event!

You can sign up to receive reminders about Wine & Wisdom by registering on the website.

Another avenue for getting your questions answered is to join our Google Group. Send your e-mail to The professionals on our Board will review and answer your questions.

Spread the word! Savvy Seattle Women are here to help!